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Training & Education

At the Dementia Institute, we have 30+ years of experience caring for those with dementia. We are sharing our wealth of knowledge through hands-on, practical training to positively impact the lives of those living with dementia and the community that surrounds them. Our training is based on the tenets of empathy and compassion, focusing on person-centered, purposeful care that can be adapted to fit each individual’s unique situation.

Helping to create more meaningful moments.

Through dementia training and education, you can learn how to better understand, communicate with, and care for those living with dementia, leading to more impactful interactions and successes in your day-to-day.

Learning & Certification

Dementia Institute offers a range of learning opportunities, from monthly courses to self-guided learning. Training courses are tailored to individual needs and roles, and our in-person approach allows people to share and receive guidance for their unique situations. We share the best practices we have learned as Michigan’s preeminent dementia care provider, including our unique Dementia Journey experience. Our goal is to equip caregivers and the community at large to help persons living with dementia have a higher quality of life.

Family & Friends

Many people who are caring for loved ones living with dementia are doing so with little or no training. This can lead to a lack of understanding of how to approach and interact with someone with dementia, which can be emotionally overwhelming for both. Through the Dementia Institute, you can learn how to care for those living with dementia using Positive Approach to Care® principles to improve communication, treatment techniques, and relational skills. Utilizing these skills, you’ll help improve both you and your loved one’s well-being.

New! Family & Friends Caregiver Course
Family & Friends

First Responders

You never know what a day on the job is going to bring, and if a call brings you into contact with someone living with dementia, it is best to be prepared to handle the situation in a safe, respectful, and productive way. With our course, police officers, firefighters, and paramedics can become a Dementia Certified First Responder (DCFR)™, expanding their skillset with practical tools they can put into place to better care for those living with dementia.

Contact us directly if your department is looking to receive training.


First Responders

Healthcare Providers

No matter your area of specialty, you may come across patients with dementia both directly and indirectly. With proper training, the level of care you are able to provide could be improved. Through the Dementia Institute, healthcare providers like physicians, nurses, dentists, and mental health professionals can learn more about interacting with and caring for those living with dementia while becoming a Dementia Certified Professional (DCP)™.

Healthcare Providers


Dementia often interferes with people’s ability to connect—with others, themselves, and even experiences and events. At Dementia Institute, clergy and church leaders can become a Dementia Certified Professional (DCP)™, learning to adapt their practice and approach to trigger memories, bring joy, and create deeper connections for those living with dementia. Through our unique worship program Evening Star™, clergy & church leaders, as well as family & friends can learn to provide adapted worship experiences that allow persons living with dementia to strengthen their relationship with God.


Explore Our Opportunities

This 3-part, interactive course is intended for at-home caregivers, such as spouses, adult children, or anyone interested in learning more about dementia and how to care for and visit persons living with brain change.

The Dementia Journey is an essential step toward understanding how to better communicate with, engage with, and care for people living with brain change. This hands-on experience will help you sense the challenges that people living with dementia face every day, arming you with more empathy and perspective to respond to the challenges that arise when caring for or interacting with someone living with dementia. 

Our Evening Star™ worship ministry was specifically designed to help persons living with dementia continue to develop their relationship with God and be active participants in their faith. The Evening Star™ handbook contains 20 Christian worship service modules centered on varying themes, which can be used in conjunction with our engagement activity kit. These are impactful tools not only for clergy, but family and friends who are looking to help their loved one have a meaningful worship experience.

Our organization proudly employs PAC Certified Independent Professionals who use approved methods and content from Teepa Snow and Positive Approach to Care®. While based on the educational content and methods from Teepa and a PAC Certification, the delivery, views, and opinions are representative of this organization alone.

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