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The Dementia Journey

It can be difficult to truly comprehend what persons living with dementia experience on a day-to-day basis, which ultimately affects how we approach and respond to difficult situations.

Our unique Dementia Journey experience allows you to briefly step into the shoes of someone living with dementia. In this live simulation, a participant’s senses are altered to experience the challenges a person with dementia faces while attempting everyday tasks. From pouring a glass of water to writing a letter to finding the right sweater, you can better understand the frustrations, challenges, and limitations that those living with dementia face.

“A required journey for all.”
-Shelley Irwin, The Roving Mic Show, WGVU

Who the Dementia Journey
is designed for:

This “perspective-changing, life-changing” experience from the Dementia Institute in Grand Rapids is available for the whole family, groups of friends, or interested individuals.

Why experiencing the
Dementia Journey is important:

Experiencing the Dementia Journey is an essential step toward understanding how to better communicate, engage with, and care for someone living with brain change.

What you will discover through the Dementia Journey

Experience first-hand the challenges of accomplishing everyday tasks and navigating an environment with altered senses.
Gain empathy and understanding to what a person living with dementia faces.
Through group reflection afterward, gain perspective into the various ways people respond to everyday challenges.

Dementia Journey Details:

Facilitated by one of our highly certified and experienced Dementia Specialists.

Duration: 45-60 minutes

Cost: Individual $25; register a group of 6-8 and get $50 off.

Location: Holland Home Corporate CLS Training Room

2100 Raybrook St. SE, Suite 201 Grand Rapids, MI 49546

Enter the North entrance, then take the first hallway to the left and check in with the Holland Home receptionist.


Have a group and want us to bring the experience to you? Contact us directly for arrangements.

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