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Family & Friends Caregiver Course

Whether you’re the main caregiver for your spouse, the grandchild who visits monthly, or a friendly neighbor, knowing more about dementia and how to visit with or care for someone living with dementia is vital to their well-being and your own.

Discover ways to better care for & interact with a loved one living with dementia.

Who these classes are
designed for:

This class is intended for at home caregivers such as a spouse, partner, adult children as well as adult grandchild, a friend who visits regularly, or anyone interested in learning more about dementia.

Why these classes are important:

Increase understanding of how unmet needs present in someone with a changing brain

Provides tips and techniques for caring for & interacting with a loved one living with dementia

Tips on how to respond to challenging situations versus reacting to them

What you will learn in the Family & Friends 3-part series:

Learn about common brain changes and supportive techniques to reduce distress for your loved one and you.
Learn communication techniques such as validation that positively impact expectations, interactions, interests, relationships, and outcomes.
Learn how to utilize approaches to address challenging situations to improve the quality of life for everyone involved.
Learn techniques that improve activities of daily living, such as eating, showering, dressing etc.
Learn how to adapt skills in response to the brain changes that occur through the progression of dementia.
This series is highly interactive; the learning of skills is not only demonstrated but practiced.

Family & Friends Course Details:

The course will be led by two highly certified and experienced Dementia Specialists from the Dementia Institute.

Course: 3-part series

Classes: 1.5 hours each

Cost: $75 for series

Need more information? Give us a call at 616-235-5499 or email us at

  • 1 Class 1 = Communication
  • 2 Class 2 = Skills
  • 3 Class 3 = Stages

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