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Personal Consultations

Dementia is a different experience for everyone involved. Perhaps you have already benefitted from a training class, but still have questions. How does your experience of dementia relate to family dynamics, emotional and spiritual well-being, finances, and everything else? With a 50-minute consultation, you have the opportunity to ask specific questions, get practical tips, and formulate a plan.

We provide personal consultations for caregivers, family and friends.

Who these consultations are designed for:

Come by yourself or bring family or friends along. It’s your time; you steer the agenda.

Who will be providing the consultation:

Our Dementia Specialists are highly certified
nurses who have cared for persons living with
dementia and their families for many years.

How you use the consultation is up to you!

Discuss your unique situation and receive customized care navigation.
Ask questions and receive focused dementia training.
Receive support in processing it all, and learn about additional community resources.

Sometimes knowing where to start can be difficult. We want to ensure you get the most out of your consultation, so we’ve developed a list of thought-starters for you to consider in advance of your session. If you already know what you want to discuss, great! Using the preparatory guide is completely optional.

Consultation Details:

Provided by one of our highly certified and experienced Dementia Specialists.

Duration: 50 minutes.

Cost: $75 per consultation, regardless of how many people you bring with you.


2100 Raybrook Ave.
Grand Rapids, MI
*If more than 3 will be attending, please reach out to the Dementia Institute to ensure a comfortable space can be reserved.
Zoom invitation will
be sent when booked

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